KW Finder Review: How good is KW Finder?

KW Finder

Starting from $29.90 per month

Ease of Use




Customer Support





  • Easy to use
  • More affordable than its competitors
  • Great tool for finding long tail keywords
  • Amazing support
  • Good competitor analysis tools


  • Slightly lower limits than its competitors
  • Not as many features as its competitors

We love to help our audience find the best deals so if you are looking to buy KW Finder, we have discounts to share with you. These are real discounts from KW Finder and you can view it here on their website. They have Black Friday discounts and occasionally have other discounts during special events. However, if you need the tool now and can’t wait for those discounts, they do have up to 44% discount on their annual plans and a 10% lifetime discounts for early birds.

Early birds are people who subscribe to a plan within one hour of registering. We will discuss pricing in a bit more detail in the pricing section of this review.

I’m sure you would of heard of popular SEO tools like Moz, Ahrefs and SEMRush but KW Finder is another SEO tool that is also extremely affordable and reliable. Moz is probably famous for creating the domain and page authority system and the other two tools also has a very strong brand and reputation within the industry.

However, these tools are not cheap, and it is not very affordable for bloggers or startups. Moz, Ahrefs and SEMRush charge $99 for their cheapest plan paid on a monthly basis. While KW Finder is newer, it offers all the crucial tools for only a fraction of their competitor’s price. Today, we will review KW Finder, discuss all its features and compare it to the other top SEO tools.

The KW Finder Tools

KW Finder
Mangools Website

KW Finder is actually not the name of the company; it is the name of one of the 5 tools that Mangools offers. Mangools is name of the company behind KW Finder but most people call them KW Finder because their tools are best for keyword research. However, that is not the only thing you can do with the KW Finder suite. The KW Finder suite offers you 5 tools: KW Finder, SERPChecker, SERPWatcher, LinkMiner and SiteProfiler. I think its quite obvious what they do that looking at their names but if you want to learn more about each individual tool, we will discuss them later in this review.

We will provide an in-depth discussion on how to effectively use these tools later in this review. KW Finder is an affordable alternative to the other expensive SEO tools that is known for its simplicity. The KW Finder suite links all 5 tools together, making it very effective in planning your SEO strategy. If that’s not enough, they also have a Chrome and Firefox extension that allows you to analyse a website’s SEO statistics through the browser without accessing the Mangools website.

KW Finder Pricing

Mongools Pricing

The affordability is the best part of KW Finder. SEO tools are known to be very expensive and as we mentioned earlier, some of them are $99 for just the cheapest plan. This is where KW Finder stands out. It offers 5 different tools starting from just $49 per month if you pay month and $29.90 if you opt for the annual plan. That is a 39% discount if you go for the annual plan. You can view their full pricing list here.

If we compare this to SEMRush, SEMRush offers a 16% discount for their annual plan. Not only is KW Finder cheaper in the first place but they also offer bigger discounts for their annual plan. If that’s not enough, they also offer a 48-hour money back guarantee. If you find out that this was not the tool you were looking for, just request a refund within the first 48 hours after purchase.

Most people would not want to pay money for a tool that they have never used even if there is a money back guarantee and KW Finder has a free 10-day Trial so its free to try it and pay for it only if you like the tool. There is a limit of 5 lookups every 24 hours but that is enough to test the reliability of the tool. If you need more lookups, you can always upgrade to a paid plan even if your trial has not finished.

There may be some people who are looking for a cheaper plan but need a lot of searches on a daily basis. This is where KW Finder’s Agency plan comes in. KW Finder offers 3 different plans and their Mangools Agency plan is priced at $129 per month for monthly payment and  $77.90 per month for their annual plan. Their annual plan for their biggest package is cheaper than SEMRush’s cheapest plan for the annual option ($77.90 vs $83.28).

With KW Finder’s Agency plan, you get 1,200 keyword lookups per day, 700 keyword suggestions per search, unlimited competitor keyword search, 1,200 SERP lookups every day, 1,500 tracked keywords, 15,000 backlinks rows per day, 150 site lookups per day and 10 simultaneous logins. This is ideal for small SEO Agencies looking for a cheaper deal but also a large number of searches per day.

The KW Finder Suite

Kw Finder

The KW Finder suite is known for its user friendliness and simplicity. With KW Finder, you can easily search for the keywords related to your niche with the option to also choose the location and language for the keyword. Of course, you can just choose any location and all languages. As well as searching for keywords, you can also search by domain and find all the keywords that are ranked well on Google for a specific domain. This is useful for spying on your competitor’s top keywords, isn’t it?

KW Finder
KW Finder

When you search for a keyword, it gives you the option to see the monthly searches the keyword gets, the average CPC and PPC competition level for Google Ads and the keyword difficulty. This tool is not only useful for finding low competition keywords to rank but if you are also planning to run Google Ads, this will also be useful for finding low competition keywords with high number of searches.

The tool also allows you to set filters such as search volume and number of words. You can use this to find long tail keywords that has high search volume.

KW Finder Keyword Search
KW Finder with filter

Once you have found all the information you need about keywords, you can export the data as a CSV file. In the KW Finder, you can also see the top 10 SERP of websites currently ranking on each keywords and it has the option to view more websites for the keyword using the SERP Checker tool which is the next tool we will talk about.

SERP Checker

If KW Finder is the tool to help you find the best keywords, then SERP Checker is the tool to help you outrank your competitors. SERP Checker checks for the ranking position for specific keywords and it display the metrics for each website.

You can choose from over 30+ metric, including Moz, Majestic and social metrics which you can use to analyse the weak points of your competitors and this allows you to outrank them by improving your own metric. It also tells you the number of search results and keyword difficulty. There is also an option to display the metrics of your own website at the bottom of the page so you can easily compare your metrics with your competitors.

KW Finder SERP Checker
SERP Checker

There is also a built in preview feature which opens a popup on Google showing all the results on the Google search engine. Mangools has also developed their own Link Profile Strength which is their own measure of how strong a website’s SEO is and this is displayed next to each website. This is useful because sometimes all the metrics can give you a bit of a headache as they all measure different things but the Link Profile Strength gives you a good overview of the strength of the website based on all the metrics.

SERP Watcher

This is probably one of the tools that I check every day. With SERP Watcher, you can set specific keywords that you would like to track. It is updated every day and it shows your SERP for the keywords you are tracking. The tracker shows the current ranking position of your website if its in the top 100. If its higher than 100, then it just display it as 101+. It also tells you the position change, average position, best position, number of searches per month and the number of visits you expect to get.

SERP Watcher also has its own performance index which is a measure of how well you are ranking based on the tracked keywords, the monthly searches of the keyword and your current position. There is also a graph that shows your past performance index so you can see how you are performing over past few weeks. You can also share the tracking data as a link so your team can see the performance of your website without giving them access to the actual tools itself.

Another very convenient tool is the feature to create automatic reports and alerts via email every so often or when a specific event happens (for example, when you enter top 10 for a keyword). While SERP Watcher is rather simple, it has everything you need to track the performance of your SEO strategy.

Link Miner

This is my tool for finding high quality backlinks. The link miner list all the backlinks of a website and it also shows the metrics for each individual link. While it is a very good tool for you to check your own backlinks, it is an even better tool for checking your competitor’s backlinks since the metrics section can help you find high quality links that are pointing to your competitor’s website.

There is a link strength metrics developed Mangools that shows how good the backlink is. The higher the link strength, the better the backlink and you can order the backlinks by link strength or other metrics to see all the high quality links at the top of the page. It also allows you to search new and lost backlinks. Just like all the other tools, data can be easily exported in CSV files.

Mangools Backlink checker
Link Miner

Site Profiler

This is the 5th tool on the KW Finder suite. This tool display metrics data for websites including, domain authority, page authority, citation flow, trust flow and alexa rank. It also display the number of referring domains and facebook shares.

The tool shows the total number of backlinks you have. Sometimes you may have multiple or even hundreds of backlinks from one website but it only counts as one referring domain. As a result, the total backlinks is a measure of all the links that point to your website. The distribution of the link is also shown in Site Profiler with information like dofollow or nofollow links and the type of link it is, like text or image link.

The Site Profiler also gives you information on your top content that has the most facebook shares and backlinks. This is useful if you want to rank specific pages on Google. Finally, the tool that I like the most from the Site Profiler is the Competitors section which show you your competitors and their metrics. After all SEO is about beating your competitor in search engine rankings.

Browser Extension

This is the 6th tool in the KW Finder suite. I absolutely love this tool because it helps me analyse websites without going onto the Mangool website. All I need to do is install the Chrome or FireFox extension (only available on these two browsers at the moment) and then I can run a website analysis directly using the extension. The tool shows basic information using the 5 tools mentioned above and you can click on the “see more” option which redirects you to the Mangools website to see a more detailed analysis. It also includes an on-page SEO analysis tool that checks whether the page meets all the SEO best practises. You can also check for the keyword density and page speed using the on-page SEO tools. It is a very handy tool to check you or your competitor’s website.

KW Finder Reviews

Mangools is a tool that we would give 9.4/10. The tools are very good at what they do and it is an affordable tool for dominating search engine rankings. It also has a very simple and user friendly website.

Here is what other people say about KW Finder:

Don’t just believe what we say, believe what the experts say. As you can see, other websites are giving them a review of 4.8/5 and 4.5/5. KW Finder is a top tool for people who are low on budget but want to improve their search engine rankings.

Pros and Cons of KW Finder

KW Finder has a lot when it comes to its pros. Here are just some good things about KW Finder:


Great tool for finding low tail keywords:

KW Finder is amazing when it comes to finding long tail keywords. Not only does it allow you to filter the keywords but it also give you suggestions related to your input search term and it provides you with very detailed data for each keyword.

Spy on your competitors and build links:

You can spy on your competitor’s backlinks and build the same backlinks that they have. Once you see where your competitors are building backlinks, you can contact the relevant webmasters and build the same links.

Support is amazing

The KW Finder team is always there to help you and they are very friendly and helpful.

More Affordable

KW Finder is more affordable than most of the other SEO tools like SEMRush, Moz and Ahrefs.


Slightly lower limits

The KW Finder limits is lower than its competitors but you get what you pay for. It is a lot cheaper as well. If you are a blogger, small agency or people with established businesses, the limits will be enough for you. However, if you are a large SEO agency, then you will probably run out of searches very quickly.

Less features

KW Finder has everything you need to improve your search engine rankings, but it doesn’t have as many tool as SEMRush and some of the more expensive tools. For example, it doesn’t have any content analysis tools.


KW Finder is a great tool for those who don’t have the budget for the more expensive tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs and Moz. Even if you can afford those tools, ask yourself, do you actually need to pay $99 a month for a tool which has features that you won’t even touch. Unless you require all the features packed in the more expensive tools, a cheaper and simpler alternative is often the way to go.

Disclosure: There are affiliate links in this article which means that we may earn money if you purchase the product or service using our links.

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