6 WordPress Plugins you should use for your Business Website

Looking to bring your business to the digital world? You will need a website and WordPress would be a good choice for you; its ease-of-use and extensive availability of template are benefits that you can’t ignore. However, with over 54,000 WordPress plugins in existence, it is a daunting task to pick out the ones that are best suited for your business‘s website. Ranging from SEO management to gaming systems, the number of plugins available are virtually unlimited. Being web development experts ourselves, here are some of the plugins we’d recommend you to include in your WordPress website as you work on your business website.

1.      MonsterInsights

For every business owner, data analytics are critical to the business; you need to evaluate your performance before thinking of growing your website. An analytics software empowers you to focus your attention on what sells, and you’re able to plan based on your targets. Countless analytics software exists and it can be hard for a beginner to choose a good analytics tool. Monster Insights (a Google Analytics plugin), however, takes the stress out of data analytics.

MonsterInsights is easy to set up and does not require any coding prowess. Within no time, you can connect Google Analytics to your website- without touching any code. With the plugin, you can also take advantage of advanced tracking features, including ads tracking, forms tracking, eCommerce tracking, and a host of other custom and native capabilities. All of this data is condensed to user-friendly format right in your WordPress dashboard, empowering you to make decisions quickly without analyzing much.

2.      WP Rocket

How fast a site can load is closely tied to how it ranks on search engines and even its conversion rates. Most websites use a caching plugin to cut down loading times. Caching refers to creating a static copy of your site and the content on it. Static pages load faster than their dynamic counterparts, therefore making it an excellent investment to install a caching plugin on your WordPress site.

WP Rocket is an easy to use WordPress plugin that enables caching of websites. To decrease loading times, WP Rocket packs a fantastic load of features, from database and media optimization to minification of website code. The plugin also offers a lot of customization options, including setting custom cache lifespans and exclusion of specific site components from its cache list. WP Rocket is also compatible with most content delivery networks (CDN) and eCommerce plugins.

3.      Yoast SEO

With thousands of websites competing for page one in search results, it can be challenging to optimize your website for search engines, especially if you are new to online platforms. Yoast SEO offers a comprehensive solution for your SEO needs, including adding meta description and keywords from the WordPress Admin ACP, generating rich snippets, and XML sitemaps. It also comes with other features such as an in-built content analysis system, connection functionality to Google Search Console and optimization for social media.

4.      WP Forms

Forms are close to the heart of every business site, allowing your clients to contact you, subscribe to a newsletter or filling out a survey. Creating a fully functional form can be a nightmare even for the coding enthusiast, and that is where this nifty WordPress tool comes in handy.

With over 2 million websites under its cover, WP Forms has consistently maintained their form building service on the bleeding edge of WordPress technology. From contact and email forms to payment and online eCommerce forms, this elementary but efficient drag and drop builder has got you covered for all types of forms and has an assortment of templates to help you on the way. Bonus point: the generated forms will integrate seamlessly with most of the marketing and payment systems used. A little less stress on that!

5.      SEM Rush

Yet another SEO tool in the list is the SEM rush, an entire suite of marketing tools for digital business. One of the essential SEO tools the software has to offer is the Keyword Magic tool, which helps you to optimize your content like a pro. You will be spoilt for choice with just one look at their database of over 2 million keyword ideas, which can be grouped by topics. You can create keyword lists, export them to other SEM Rush tools, and much more.

Apart from the keywords, you can also fine-tune your content with their SEO Writing Assistant, audit your backlinks, assess your social media accounts, and get detailed SEO reports.

6.      WooCommerce

Earning money online is rapidly gaining traction in this current generation. Affiliate marketing, online advertising, name it: the big bucks are rushing to the internet. These options, however, do not offer much flexibility and often require a lot of traffic to earn a significant amount. On the other hand, selling your products is a much more direct way to make some money off your website.

Are you thinking of converting your website to a storefront? Look no further than this WordPress tool, the most popular in the eCommerce world, with over 4 million websites in its fold. WooCommerce helps manage your inventory, payment methods, and the shipping process. You can also custom-create coupons to offer discounts to your clients and view detailed reports on your site’s performance.

Depending on your website, you might not need to use all these tools described above. You might not even require a lot of technical knowledge as most of these tools are easy to use. Finding the keys to a stellar website that attracts viewers and converts them to loyal customers can take some time and indeed, a great deal of experimentation. With a dose of patience, tons of hard work and just a few of these WordPress tools, you can rest assured that you’re on the right path to building a successful website! Which plugins will you use for your website? Comment below and share your experience with us!

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