How are Adblockers affecting Businesses?

Nowadays, a lot of people are using Ad Block – a system which allows us to block most advertisements. It is supposed to make the browser work faster and make all the annoying ads disappear. However, that’s just the perspective of a casual user of the internet and things look way different from a business point of view. But what exactly does it do? And do adblockers affect my business?

What does Ad Blocks do?

It is a very simple concept. This system blocks advertisements from displaying on our computers. It simply filters the advertisements before it is displayed in your browser. All you have to do is to install an adblocker extension on your browser. While adblockers are most popular on desktop devices, it is also becoming a popular feature on smartphone. Nonetheless, this technology is not perfect, and some ads still will be showing because sometimes the algorithm doesn’t work properly. However, most of the ads are being blocked and probably in the future, this technology will be improved to work even more seamless and smooth.

Apart from blocking ads, Ad Block can speed up our browsers. They won’t have to process all the extra banners and the web pages will load faster. Websites will load way quicker, even if our internet connection is not the best in the world. But this technology also has its disadvantages, which apply especially to online advertisers and people running their own businesses who tend to invest in online marketing. The adblockers may make your life really difficult if you try to make a living out of online marketing. Why? Are adblockers a thread? A lot of people who publish their content online, make the majority of their money from advertising. Therefore, they won’t lose a lot of income as a result of the rise in popularity of adblockers. Also, advertisers are affected by this issue. They are losing the places of exposure and online marketing becomes way less successful. The public is not seeing ads that they pay for, and it makes it even more difficult for them to be seen by potential customers. What is more, this technology is being developed all the time, which means that it will become even more effective. Therefore, even though Ad Block was present for many years now, this is the time of its peak of glory. That is why we may start worrying.

However, people who spend a lot of money on advertisements shouldn’t be worried, because they will only be charged for ads that are viewed by people. Things look quite different for small companies, in which even the smallest changes in their clients’ behavior matter a lot. Nonetheless, we have to remember that not everyone uses Ad Block and probably it won’t change in the near future. Therefore, we still will be able to advertise our businesses through the internet without worrying about the adblockers. And who knows, maybe if this technology will be changing, we will find some new ways to overcome it.

A solution that people are using is advertising their affiliate links via contextual ads because ad blockers only block banner ads and text link ads will not be blocked so some people are moving away from the traditional banner advertisements and finding new ways to overcome adblockers. Will adblockers be able to block text link ads in the feature? Well, we will have to see how the adblocking technology improves.