Hotel Name Ideas: Hotel Names and Marketing

Running a hotel can be a hugely successful business venture and a dream to come true. But knowing how and where to start can be hard. Choosing your hotel name is a great first step for building your business. Your hotel name portrays what you want your business to be and who your customer base is. If your business doesn’t have good branding, it’s going to be hard to attract customers at all and a good name is the first step to creating your brand. Once you have chosen the perfect name for your business, you can start setting up your ground base for marketing your resort and promoting your business online. First, your branding and business all starts by coming up with hotel name ideas.

Hotel Name Ideas

There is an unlimited amount of options for what you could choose as your hotel name. You could use a random name generator or the first thing that comes into your head but this won’t result in the best hotel name ideas. Your branding is the first thing that customers will see so you need it to be perfect. Different categories of hotel name ideas are listed below to inspire your ideal resort name choice.

High-Class Hotel Name List:

  • Luxe Stay
  • Oriental Nights
  • City Resort
  • Diamond Resort
  • Golden Inn
  • Peace Lily Resort

Affordable Hotel Name Ideas:

  • Joe’s BnB
  • Southern Welcome
  • Home Town Hospitality
  • Baker’s Inn
  • Last Stop
  • Destination Inn

Seaside Hotel Name List:

  • Resort-by-sea
  • Lapping Waves BnB
  • Sleeping Beachside
  • Jones’ Seaside Resort
  • Shell Inn
  • Pearl Inn

Holiday Hotel Name Ideas:

  • Beach Day Resort
  • Sunny-Side Up Stay
  • Sunflower Resort
  • Beach Ball Inn
  • R&R Resort
  • Hillside Stay

Business Hotel Name List:

  • City Dwelling
  • In-Town Hospitality
  • Convenience Inn
  • OverNight Inn
  • Resort Central
  • Station-side lnn

Classic Hotel Name Ideas:

  • Rose Petal
  • Lakewood Inn
  • Country Road Resort
  • Smith’s Hospitability
  • Sweet Dreams BnB
  • Cosy Night Inn

Trendy Hotel Name List:

  • The Setting Sun
  • Sleeping Beauty Inn
  • Sundown to Sunrise
  • Stay Over
  • Your Resort
  • All Guest Welcome
Hotel Name

How To Pick The Best Hotel Name

To ensure you are making the right choice for your business, it’s not as simple as picking a category of hotel name ideas that reflects your business. There are thousands of affordable and seaside hotels. You need to define what makes you stand out within that category and portray that through your hotel name. Making a list of hotel name ideas and whittling them down to what best reflects your brand is a great idea.

On Brand

Your business branding starts with your hotel name. It should reflect the kind of resort you are. Whether you are a luxury resort or more affordable, whether you are family-focused or appeal to young travelers, whether you are a traditional hotel or have the newest technology, this should be portrayed through your brand. When promoting your brand, you may only have your name to win customers over so you need them to be able to tell who you are and what you can offer them straight away. Your branding could be the difference between customers clicking on your website or choosing your competitor.

Customer Appeal

Out of all your hotel name ideas, which one attracts your target market most? When branding your business, it’s important to keep in mind who you are and what you provide as well as who your customer is and what they want. Try and get in the heads of customers and decide what would appeal to them most. Throughout your journey, it is something you should be keeping in mind. If you are struggling, customer feedback and reviews can be eye-opening. Adding an incentive for feedback such as a discount on their next stay or a free drink at the bar will increase your volume of reviews. Having a good idea of your guests will generate better hotel name ideas.


Your target market should become familiar with your hotel name. You can spend loads of money on branding to get your hotel name out there but if it is hard for potential customers to remember, pronounce or spell, it will stunt your growth.

When your potential customers are thinking of somewhere to stay your hotel name should pop into their mind. When a friend is looking for a recommendation, your hotel name should come up in conversation. If your target audience is doing online research, they should be typing your hotel name into the search engine. This is unlikely to happen if your hotel name is not memorable and easy to repeat. Great ways to create memorable brand ideas is using alliteration or puns because they are catchy and will stick in your customers’ minds. Avoid foreign or long words that your customer base may find confusing. Instead, keep it simple. While you are putting lots of thought into your hotel name ideas, you need to make it easy for your guests to search for and share your hotel name.

Emotive Words

Coming across as a cold-hearted business is likely to put potential customers off. They want to feel like they will be looked after during their hotel stay. They don’t want to feel like your business is a money grab. Using emotive words in your hotel name ideas can be a way to make guests more comfortable and attracted to staying at your hotel. You can tell a story with your hotel name that will feed into the rest of your branding and marketing.

Family businesses often evoke trust and security from your target market. You could tell the story of generations of your family living in your town and serving its visitors, establishing yourself as an expert in the industry. If you don’t have this type of backstory, take another route with your hotel name ideas and branding. Nothing will destroy trust quicker than making things up just to get customers. Find which of your hotel name ideas works for you instead of forcing yourself in a box.

Timeless and Expandable

Consider your future when compiling your list of hotel name ideas. If you make it too specific to your location, it would be difficult to expand your business in the future. Does your branding have the potential to work in different areas or even different countries? It may not be in your business plan to take your hotel abroad but you could have the opportunity to open up another hotel in the next town or across your country. Making your branding very specific limits your potential to grow which you don’t want to do in the first step of your business journey.

Unique and Available

Make your business stand out. It should be unique from all your competitors to avoid brand confusion. Before deciding from among your hotel name ideas research whether they are already taken. This is a legal concern because you cannot copy a trademarked brand and a marketing concern as you need to make sure your hotel name has domain availability to set up a website. If a name is already in use, take it off your hotel name ideas list. Changing a name slightly isn’t enough to avoid customer confusion and maintain your memorability, for example, having the hotel name Premium Inn is far too similar to the already existing hotel chain Premier Inn. Picking a unique name will make breaking into the industry and creating an online presence easier.

Hotel name idea

Creating A Website for Your Hotel Business

Once you have picked the best fit from among your hotel name ideas, you can take your business to the next level by creating a website. The prominence of the internet in our lives is only increasing. Having an online presence drastically boosts your customer base. Most people will search for hotels online or after hearing a brand being mentioned, will go to a search engine to find out more. Having a quality website that promotes what you can offer your guests is only going to benefit your business.

From picking your name, the kind of customers you are looking to attract should be clear. Keep your guests in mind when building your website. You want it to be attractive to them and reflect the branding you set up from your hotel name choice. It is essential that your website is easy to use, includes appropriate information about your hotel and stylistically reflects your brand. If your hotel name is ‘Home from Home’ your design should be friendly and include content about the home comforts you provide guests. A sleek website with information on designer cocktails and high-priced room service wouldn’t fit the brand you have portrayed through your hotel name. Relook at your hotel name ideas and make sure your branding reflects the service you provide.

Buying Hosting

This is where the domain availability for your hotel name idea comes into play. The first step in your website creation is to choose a web host service. This will put your website online and accessible to view with an internet connection. There are many services out there but you will receive a high-quality service if you pay for your host. Paying ensures the smoothest experience possible in setting up your website. With a domain name, web hosting account and the installation of a design such as a WordPress theme, your website will be well on its way to drawing customers in.

Putting time and money into designing your website is beneficial. You need your website to portray the branding of your business and be attractive to your customer base. A basic web design that is used by many other websites isn’t enough. Having your own unique web design customized for your hotel would be a much better option. It can be customized to reflect who you are as a business and entice customers to make a booking. A website will be trusted more if it has a customized web design. Hiring a reliable web design company such as Technabyte will be advantageous to your business.

One affordable web hosting service is SiteGround. They provide all the essentials for producing a good website. You will receive 24/7 support, a fast server so your website responds quickly to customers and a free SSL certificate to secure your website. This is important for your business because a reliable web host will prevent and fix problems as quickly as possible, reducing the damage of lost custom.

If your website is slow to load, potential customers may not wait around so they won’t even get the chance to see all the hard work you put into your website. Customers don’t want to and don’t have to wait for a booking to process. They can just go elsewhere. During the booking process, guests will be sharing private information. They are less likely to trust you and go through with a booking if your website is not secured. A reliable, fast and secured website is essential for drawing in potential guests.

What To Include On Your Website?

Create a website that is filled with information that will entice and win over potential guests. Having a website that only has a booking section will not excite customers. You’ve started to show customers who you are through your brand. Your website is your opportunity to take this even further. A review section that shares the experience of previous guests will build trust with your potential guests and show that you are open to feedback and improving your business. Having photographs of your rooms and all your best features will show off what you provide for your customers and ensure you come across as open and have nothing to hide.

Write about the area in which your hotel is situated and what your guests can do there. If you live in a holiday location and are targeting holiday goers, include recreational and tourist spots that are close to your hotel. This will get potential guests excited about what they can do during their stay. If you are a business orientated hotel, including transport links nearby could be helpful for customers browsing your website.

Your website should promote what makes you better than your competitors. Your unique selling point (USP) has been weaved into your hotel name and company branding. It should also be present on your website. Your target market wants to know what you can do to fulfil their needs. Displaying hotel perks such as a twenty-four-hour gym or free Wi-Fi will only help to convince visitors to your site that your hotel is the best choice for them.

Pathways for Branding And Marketing Your Hotel

You can’t just leave your website to gain traction on its own. Actively promoting the high-quality website, you have created will bring new visitors. Having been impressed by the website they will turn into paying guests. There are many ways to market your hotel. To save time, energy and money, consider which marketing strategies fit with your brand and would appeal to your customer base. If you are marketing to older couples, they may be more likely to look for hotels in a newspaper or magazine than on social media and booking sites. It is more beneficial to target your marketing in a few avenues than spread your marketing too widely without getting a significant increase in customers.

Focus your marketing depending on your target market and USP. Good marketing will be regularly updated and adapt to trends and seasons. It is not worth putting lots of time and money into a marketing route that your customer base doesn’t use. One way to judge how well your marketing campaigns are doing is to check your analytics. Tools such as Google Analytics measure how much interaction you are getting with customers from each marketing strategy. Low interaction means you need to improve that marketing strategy or its not working for your potential guests so focus your energy elsewhere. Be clever about how you use the many marketing strategies available.

Booking Sites

Many guests use booking sites to find and compare hotels. Customers are likely to use a booking site they trust such as or Airbnb to find a resort that fits their needs and their price point. Booking sites can be used to find the most affordable stay but they can also be used to find a hotel with certain facilities like a swimming pool or late check-out. Being present on booking sites is an effective way to reach your customer base and outline what you can provide guests with. Don’t miss this opportunity to get your hotel name out there.

Hotel Directories

Registering your hotel name with online directories has similar benefits to booking sites. Customers can use a site they are more familiar with to find your business and will be able to see the benefits of staying at your hotel compared to your competitors. If guests are looking for something specific, they can search for it on hotel directories. If you fulfil that need your hotel name will come up, leading them to your website and making a booking.


hotel name branding

Traditional advertising is still a key marketing strategy. Being featured in a travel magazine or the travel section of a newspaper will boost your reputation and reach potential guests. Paper advertising is even more important if your target market includes guests from the older generations who are less likely to use social media or trust web campaigns. In that case, magazines and newspapers are a much better route to reach customers and spread your hotel name among your customer base.

Social Media

Having a profile on social media is an efficient way to reach customers. You don’t have to pay for advertising on social media to interact with your customer base. If you are targeting young people and have technology-based benefits to your hotel such as free Wi-Fi, your customer base online will be large. Photo-based sites such as Instagram give you the chance to share aesthetically pleasing photos of your hotel, attracting guests to your site and making a booking.

An advantage of social media is the ease in which your hotel name can be shared. When someone stays at your hotel, they can tag you in their social media posts, increasing your exposure to your customer base. Social media is a quick way to share information about new sales or benefits to staying at your hotel. You can interact with customers who aren’t searching for your hotel name directly by using hashtags. If someone searches for ‘cosy BnB’ and you have included that hashtag in your posts, your account will show up. There are many ways to use social media to your advantage. Having an online presence increases the perceived reputation of your hotel name.

Network with Local Businesses

It can be very effective to join forces with your community in the hotel industry, especially if you are targeting holiday goers. As a hotel, you are your customers’ home from home while they enjoy your area. Teaming up with other businesses to create deals will be another selling point for customers. They already want to visit your area so you can enhance that opportunity by providing them with a restaurant or tourist hotspot discounts. This will make it an easier choice for your guests to stay with you and enjoy the extra deals you provide. Also, the businesses you team up with will be promoting their deal with you and therefore sharing your hotel name with their customers too.

Being creative and purposeful in picking your business name out of the millions of possible hotel name ideas will greatly improve your business. It is the starting point for your branding and interaction with customers. Making sure you start on the right foot will only ease the process of launching your hotel business.

As your hotel name needs to have domain name availability, it is innately linked to your online presence in the form of a website and social media accounts. It is worth putting time and money into your website to portray your business to customers and give them a smooth booking experience. Otherwise, they may choose your competitor instead of you. 

Marketing is essential to any business and there are many ways you can get your hotel name out there. From social media marketing to traditional newspaper advertising picking what mediums your customers use to find hotels means you can focus your promotion efforts to what will be most efficient to you. You need to be seen in a way that will attract customers to make a booking.

We hope that this article has helped you get the right ideas for starting your new business! Comment below and let us know which name you chosen.